A revolutionary new method in the battle against Type II diabetes

 Diabetes destroyer

In 2014, an estimated 9% of adults aged 18 years old and above have been diagnosed with diabetes. Among diabetics, a whopping 90% are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which is largely attributed to excess body weight and physical inactivity. To date, no drugs or medications have been created to cure the effects of diabetes. Most of today’s pharmaceuticals target insulin regulation and maintenance, therefore only delaying the eminent development of this disease and its dreadful side effects.

Seeing as how this is a relatively common condition, it is not surprising that several alternative treatments have made their way on to the market. However, most of these treatments that claim to be instantly effective come with a severely long list of potential health risks that may even worsen your condition. Additionally, many of these “magic cures” come at astoundingly high prices, despite them having little to no actual therapeutic claims.

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However, a breakthrough in the treatment of diabetes has been found by an actual former diabetic! David Andrews, executive 5-star chef and former type II diabetic, provides a scientifically proven 3-step method that is designed to permanently reverse the effects of type II diabetes. The 3-Step Diabetes Destroyer System is an all-natural lifestyle change and dietary system that allows your body to organically regulate its own insulin production. That means there won’t be any hard-to-pronounce and overly expensive drugs, strange tasting diet foods, painful and stinging injecctions or impossible workouts.

Diabetes destroyer



The 3-Step Diabetes Destroyer was born out of the necessity of its author. David Andrews was a diagnosed Type II diabetic who had been spending roughly $2000 a month for his medication. He explains that his levels rose so high that he found himself in the hospital due to a Non-Ketotic Hyperglycaemic Hyperosmolar Coma. However, no cloud is without a silver lining. It was during that incident that Andrews got the opportunity to converse with his former college roommate, Jonathan.

Jonathan, who was now an osteopathic researcher, informed Andrews about a study he had stumbled upon. The Newcastle University in England stated that Type II diabetes could be reversed by following a certain diet for a few months. However, the study revealed to only posit temporary results which lasted around three months.

With the British study as their frame of reference, Jonathan’s research on a unique method to help control the body’s insulin, and David’s expertise regarding the properties of food and their effects, a step-by-step collaborative program, the “Diabetes Destroyer”, was born.

Diabetes destroyer



The Diabetes Destroyer is a system that basically revolves around four carefully researched modules. They cover a wide array of topics including scientific explanations, meal plans, and debunked diabetes myths. The four main modules (2, 3, and 4 being the titled 3 steps) are aptly named:


  1. What Your Doctor Doesn’t Want You to Know About Your Type II Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes – an explanation of the true nature behind type two diabetes, the revealing of several pharmaceutical secrets, and the disproving of the widely believed rumors regarding type II diabetes
  1. Jumpstart Your Insulin Factory – a temporary meal plan infused with all the herbs and minerals you’d need to boost your insulin production and other bodily functions
  1. Natural Trick to Amp Up Your Metabolism – naturally increasing insulin production through a quick and easy 30-Second Workout and supplementation through the addition of what Andrews calls the “3 Metabolism Boosting Berries” to everyday meals
  1. Time Your Meals to Finish Off Your Diabetes – a comprehensive guide to planning and scheduling your diabetes defeating meals to maximize the effects of the system; This includes the order with which food should be eaten throughout the day, precise interval waiting time before eating a meal and the exact time to stop eating before sleep


Furthermore, the 3-Step Diabetes Destroyer program also contains:Diabetes destroyer

  • Information on the root cause and best cure to Type II diabetes
  • Two “Glucose Glitches” that cause blood sugar irregularities, how they work, and how to get rid of them
  • A list of a few Glucose spiking foods and habits
  • A Doctor Trusted Diabetes Treatment program (absolutely official)
  • Reports on current research for reversing Type II diabetes
  • Access to a special video course entitled, “Insulin Sensitivity: the Shortcut to Weight Loss
  • The “Meal Timing for Weight Loss” video guide
  • A video recipe guide entitled, “3 Diabetic Friendly Desserts
  • A snacks guide that plays well with your Type 2 diabetes restricted diet
  • A certified 60-day refund policy


ProsDiabetes destroyer

  • Scientifically Sound – Everything from the study conducted at Newcastle University, to the collaborative research of David and Jonathan, have credible scientific support and significant data, which you’ll find both on the internet (if you google the Newcastle study) and inside the program itself.
  • All-Natural Solutions – Because of the organic components used in this program and its carefully planned methods, very minimal side effects are to be expected during the first few days. If done right, the Diabetes Destroyer program posits no serious side effects and several positive results.
  • Tested and Proven Success – To date, more than 30,000 diabetics have reported positive results after following this program.
  • User-Friendly – The program has received many positive comments and remarks on it being easy-to-read and easy-to-follow for both new and long-term diabetics
  • Fast Results – Though the program does not boast instant or overnight results, the 3-Step Diabetes Destroyer program boasts a permanent reverse in the condition. Initial noticeable results generally appear following a few weeks of using the program.
  • Refund Guarantee – With a guaranteed 60-Day Refund in play, trying out the program for even a few weeks poses no pressing problems. Sceptical users are given the money back reassurance that this program’s author is confident in his work and the promised results.Diabetes destroyer


  • Difficulty and Sacrifice – As with any major lifestyle change, following this program does require some work on the part of the user. This system uses tools that anchor on user discipline, determination and commitment, rather than promising instantaneous, magical results.
  • Doctor, doctor – Despite this program boasting all-natural methods and minimal side effects, it’s still best to consult your doctor or dietician regarding the changes in your lifestyle. Remember that each person’s case is different and external factors such as the presence of other diseases may cause other potential threats to arise when this program is followed unsupervised. It’s always better to be on the safe side of things.
  • Download Only – The 3-Day Diabetes Destroyer is an online downloadable e-Book and comes in no printed formats. Though this may not be a problem for some, there are always users that prefer having something to leaf through, possibly highlight and leave notes on. Unfortunately, those users may have to print out a copy on their own.



IN CONCLUSIONMoney Back Guarantee

If you’ve got Type II diabetes and you’re looking for a fresh new way of regulating it, then maybe David Andrew’s Diabetes Destroyer is worth looking at. It’s simply-written, easily understood step-by-step instructions makes for a good read.

In addition to this program being scientifically sound, the numerous positive reviews from actual users makes it marks its validity and reliability. Perhaps the best of its features is the possibility of it permanently reversing Type II diabetes. Also, since the program is based on all-natural methods, it minimizes the possibility of harmful chemically induced side effects.

Moreover, the guarantee of a 60-day return policy makes it an easier option for you to make. Seeing as how David Andrews felt confident enough to offer the policy, it should reassure you of just how effective this program is.

However, since it was specifically designed, the program’s effectiveness limits itself to the treatment of Type II diabetes. This means that people suffering from Type I diabetes may not receive the same results. Furthermore, some side effects may be felt when following the 3-Step Diabetes Destroyer system. However, in most cases, these effects only last for the first couple of days.Diabets Distroyer

It is also important to note that the system requires a significant amount of commitment from the user. Seeing as how a major lifestyle change is recommended for diabetics in general, this should not be too much of a problem. However, if you’re not ready to change the way you think, eat, and act, then this program probably isn’t for you.

Also, if you’re not a fan of electronic reading material, then the added hassle of having to print out a hard copy of the e-Book may come as a downer.

In conclusion, if you’re sick of taking countless anti-diabetes medications, sticking yourself with stinging needles and looking to make a significant, healthy and organic lifestyle change, then this is a program that comes highly recommended. Whether you’re looking to free yourself from the complications of Type II diabetes, practicing precautionary measures, or simply looking to start living a healthier lifestyle, then the 3-Step Diabetes Destroyer is a great program for you.